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About MunchEm

Hundreds of food delivery apps like UberEats, GrubHub, EatStreet, Foodler, etc. are now active in the US alone. Add to that individual restaurants offering delivery and the options are overwhelming.

With so many delivery options, each with their own pricing model and ordering procedures, customers need an aggregator platform like Kayak to simplify and streamline the process to compare and save.

That’s where MunchEm comes in: Reinventing How You Order Food and Delivery using our SaaS Aggregator Platform

But MunchEm isn’t just for customers.

Restaurants need a custom branded platform where they can offer multiple delivery services to their customers, all while controlling their brand experience. Our flexible software is built to assign orders to drivers or delivery services or self-driving cars or drones.

At MunchEm, we’re empowering customers and restaurants to compare and save on food delivery with our game-changing technology. This technology is spread across two platforms: MunchEm and OrderEm.

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