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Unique User Engagement Tools

Unique User Engagement Tools

Grow your business with our software which features Online Ordering, Custom Apps, Delivery Management, Loyalty, kiosks and more to provide fulfilling digital experiences to your clients.

About MunchEm

At MunchEm, we believe in the limitless possibilities that technology can offer the world. Our goal is to help local restaurants that are dedicated to serving food with an undying passion.

It is important to our community to support our hardworking creative owners and chefs. We want our local community to thrive instead of being reduced to a strip of chain restaurants. We want you to expand your palette and enjoy food from different cultures and chefs; not just food made in a boardroom. Our aim is to provide local, budget restaurants, with superior technology so that we can level the playing field.

We all know chains have the ability to create functional websites, mobile apps, POS systems, and tablet menus along with marketing budgets, operational tools and analytical abilities. We can provide these services to local businesses so that our community thrives.

We have created a platform and tools for restaurants that includes mobile apps and website development. This Software as a Service is designed for first time users and experienced designers-developers alike.

We are split into two distinct divisions: MunchEm: the frontend dedicated to connecting customers to your business through end-user facing platforms and OrderEm: the backend platform that works behind the scenes to support it.

Match your Food Expertise with our Technology: We believe that technology, such as ordering apps and custom websites, can enhance your restaurant. Both, our tech and your restaurant, are one of a kind and difficult to replicate. Your food has been perfected over time to satisfy customers repeatedly and our technology was made to help you connect with more of them.

OrderEm- Create Custom Client Engagement Tools: We have the architecture and processes in place to create Apps and Websites, with functionality, faster than anyone else. Our Restaurant Apps and Websites come with more than just content.

Our Websites come with quantifiable value, bringing more customers to your business through online and mobile food ordering, table reservations, reviews, and loyalty programs. We can also add more pages that can be tailored to your restaurant. We have the flexibility and agility to be responsive to our partners and customers, unlike any other restaurant technology provider.

Every day we aim to improve and support our tools so we may exceed the expectations of our associates and users.

We understand that there are services comparable to some of what we offer, but not offering our all-encompassing package. We do not aim to reinvent these capabilities; instead, we are building the framework and ecosystem for these valuable services to work together unlike anywhere else.

- Munchem Team.

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