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10 Surprising Holiday Marketing Ideas For Your Restaurant
Prasad Vemulapalli | December 08, 2020


December is the month wherein people are busy planning their long getaways. It’s the right time for all the restaurants to grab their customers’ attention to come and visit them. The pandemic has changed the way people dine and holiday. We experienced a major decline in sales across the world. A well planned holiday promotion and marketing plan can improve the restaurant’s revenue and sales greatly. Here we have listed some tips and tactics that are fun and engaging to help your restaurant cash in on that holiday season and provide a great holiday experience for your customers.

1. Treat Your Dear Customers 

People love it when they get undue attention. The best way to incorporate it is by letting your esteemed customers know about it. Thank your shoppers and amuse them with a tailor-made restaurant holiday advertisement to assure that they will continue to visit you in the months ahead. You may also consider giving them an offer during the festive time, for a free drink or a dessert of their choice on their next visit. 

2. Two Delicious Meals for The Price of One

This is the most common approach many restaurants have during the holiday season. Giving a two-for-one-deal (BOGO - buy one and get one free ) attracts many as they get to relish two meals at the price of one. The diners get attracted to this kind of offer as they need to spend less on their holiday treats.


3. Set a Different Meal Menu For The Holidays

Diners look forward to having a great meal and fancy around trying out new delicacies. Many of the health-conscious and fitness freak enthusiasts don’t mind indulging in a cheat meal during this time of the year. Apple Pie Cookie, Pecan Pie Funnel, Peppermint Bark Frappuccino, and the kind of desserts will be a welcoming approach. During the holiday season, restaurants add these kinds of menu additions to grab the attention of the customers.

4. Initiate a Charity Drive

The festive season is the time of the year, which is all about gifting and sharing. Let’s join hands to uplift the morale of people who have limited resources. Associating with a charity shows how you are concerned about the well being of your society. Many of your customers who have been practicing charity would love to come to you as the contribution would pass on the charity drive. Money Is not the only way to donate. You may consider planning an annual food festival or clothing drives, wherein your guests can contribute and participate. Try rewarding the customer with free coupons or add-in items to their menu order to show your courtesy towards them.

5. Set Child-Friendly Menu 

Children often have different tastes when compared to adults. Enticing kids is much easier than the older generation. Including child-friendly menus will give a breather to the families as they look forward to coming to your restaurant. Including the food items which the children enjoy is also an excellent way to increase your customer base.

6. Get into the Mood of Festivity

You may have your dine-in customers or take-away ones. But setting the mood of festivity takes the limelight. You may adapt some of these to ensure the mood sets in right.

  • Blend in holiday music with your existing soundtrack. This way, there’s music for everyone to enjoy. Keeping a mix of your regular track with the festivity music would be the right way to go about it.
  • Pick holiday music in a way that gels with your restaurant theme. You can include genres like jazz, modern pop, instrumental, and rock.
  • Avoid playing religious music. Not everyone is religious. Your playlist can alienate some guests if they don’t like your religious take and can make them uncomfortable.

7. Deck the Dining Halls with Holiday Signage

Change is always a welcome move. People get bored with the same setting and want to experiment with something new during the festive cheer. 

  • Window displays and Tables: Be festive, but don’t overdo. Place your tables with holiday-themed centerpieces. Placing trimmed branches with candles and silver beads can create natural decor. Including flameless candles will create a warm and cozy vibe for winter.

  • Lighting: Splurge in some Christmas lights along with the ceiling and in and around the mantles. This gives an inviting look.

  • Menus and signage: Decorate with some holiday images, like snowflakes or Santa Claus, into your restaurant logo, window signs, and on your menu card.

8. Give-Away Holiday Gift Card/Coupons

Restaurant gift cards are a great way to gift all those hard-to-shop-for people during festive times. You may consider some of the below stated restaurant holiday gift card deals that you can offer.

  • Add a discount for multiple gift card purchases. Let the diners who gift your services to their friends get an added advantage by getting a discount on their total purchase.

  • Use promotional emails, signage, to spread the word out. You can spread the word by putting it on the social media page and this can grab the attention of your customers.

  • Design gift cards with a festive logo. Make sure the cards have your restaurant logo and design so that the recipients know the right address.

9. Play Christmas Movies

Movies are fun to watch and always create a special bond. Playing a movie can get the audience in motion and may continue to stay longer at your restaurant and order food to finish the movie.

10. Host Community Events

The holiday season is all about family, friends, and getting together with one another. Arrange for local artists to play at your restaurant. In case your customers have a designated place or community, you may consider providing them services at their venue. 


How to Prepare Your Staff for the Holiday Rush



Appreciate Your Employees 


The holiday season can be stressful and overwhelming for men and women in the service industry. Appreciate your employees for their hard work and determination. Show that you care by organizing an after-work or Christmas party for them and their families. Otherwise, you can also give-away an additional bonus. Whichever you choose, make sure it comes from your heart. Happy employees make the restaurant a better place to be. 


Plan Ahead and Be Prepared


It’s a good idea to know how many people you are expecting this year. The best way to gauge is by checking your last year’s data. This helps you build your employee base and procure for your inventory. Though it varies every year, you may consider a massive drop-out due to the pandemic this year. The check-list of last year's data also gives you a rough idea of what was the most sold-out item in your menu and the days you had the most number of guests. If you offer online ordering and curbside ordering along with dine-in - make sure your order management system shows all orders from Kitchen, Website, App and Kiosks in one single system to keep it for simple for your staff.  

Bottom Line

Christmas is the last month of the year and brings in festivities, joy, and cheer. There are many ways to increase your sales during the holiday season. The best way is to make it all about the holiday and the people, while also having fun with it. Pandemic has transformed us into a digital way. It’s time to adapt and use digital channels to make us future-ready. 


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