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5 New Restaurants and Menus to Watch Out for this Month
Prasad Vemulapalli | February 03, 2023
As we enter a new year, it is that time when every adult is engrossed in work on the professional front. This often means more dining out, takeaways, and eat-ins at your favorite restaurant and less time spent in your kitchen cooking up a homemade meal. 
This is where we come to your rescue. MunchEm offers you a choice of top-notch restaurants that cook various continental and local cuisines to fulfill your culinary demands. 
The best part is that you can place your order using any of the following order types - Pickup, delivery, curbside pickup, and even Teacher Fare (in some cases). Many restaurants are available at Munchem; you can choose depending on your preferred dish. However, here's our pick of 5 new restaurants and their menus to watch out for this month.


Coming in at number 1 is "Pizza Heaven,” a New Jersey-based pizzeria and, as the name suggests, a place where you can get every type of pizza you can imagine. While we had difficulty deciding which pizza to order, we eventually settled for the "Family Special.” 
Since you may be busy at work, ordering a Family Special pizza would serve as a quick, delicious meal and a treat for your family. At just $24.99, you can place a pickup order or have your pizza delivered to your doorstep. 
This pizza is unique because you can choose "Toppings" at $2, $3, and $3.50. While this is optional, you could spice up your Family Special pizza with pickles, shrimp, mushrooms, extra beets, pepperoni, broccoli, and much more. 
Other options are available to you while ordering the Family Special, such as the "Left Half" with sausage, ham, ricotta, bacon, meatballs, etc. You also have the "Right Half,” which includes green pepper, cooked onions, cherry tomato, artichokes, feta cheese, and much more. 
The prices for both the Left and Right Half range from $0.25 to $2.00, and the extra ingredients on your pizza are money well spent. 
Other options available to you when you place an order for the Family Special pizza include sauces such as barbecue, mango habanero, extra ranch, and marinara sauce. That’s how you can order a unique pizza for your family. But that's not all; you can order your pizza with either a 2-liter soda or two 2-liter sodas consisting of diet coke, pineapple, iced tea, Dr. Pepper, Fanta orange, and so on. 
A promo offer is also available; simply use the coupon and promo code "3CHEESE" to get 6% off your order. You can now place your Family Special order by clicking on this link.

2. MAHARAJA INDIAN RESTAURANT - Fine Dining Indian Restaurant and Bar 

Located in Albany, New York, Maharaja Indian Restaurant offers patrons many exquisite Indian cuisines prepared by some of the best Indian chefs in America. Fortunately, you will not be required to take a long trip to their restaurant to place your order, and you can do so now on MunchEm. 
Maharaja Indian Restaurant is our second pick of the top 5 new restaurants available at MunchEm. While it was somewhat hard to decide which meal to order, we settled for their "Biryani/Rice" menu. 
We recommend the "Chicken Biryani,” an authentic Indian dish with delicious chicken prepared with layers of fluffy rice, fried onions, and fragrant spices. This aromatic, mouth-watering dish always makes one’s stomach rumble. 
You can order this meal for just $17.00, and as a "SOUPS/SALAD/SIDES" dish, you can order "Chickpea Salad," made from boiled chickpeas tossed with fresh tomatoes, chutneys, Indian spices, diced potatoes, and red onions, for just $7.00. You can also order "Kulfi Ice Cream" for "DESSERT" at $7.00. 
As a bonus, you can save money on your online order today by using the code "SAVEONLINE" for 5% off your preferred order. Use the coupon and visit Maharaja Indian Restaurant on MunchEm here.

3. HOMETOWN FARE - Gourmet Takeaway and Gatherings

Hometown Fare is another new restaurant to try out on MunchEm. They have a "FRIDAY 5" menu with many dishes to choose from, but we settled for "Pork Belly and Collards" for just $22.00. 
You can order this meal using any one of four different order types, including PICK UP, DELIVERY, TEACHER FARE, and CURBSIDE. We are also happy to see that Hometown Fare has a 10% off promo running on MunchEm; you need to use coupon Code "FALLFARE10" to trigger this offer. 
Without taking too much of your time, you can visit MunchEm here to check out what other meals Hometown Fare has on their menu, or you can just place an order for "Pork Belly and Collards,” which is a must-have meal in our books.

4. The 407 Cafe 

407 Cafe is a Lake Nova cafe where you have an extensive menu including "BAGELS,” "BELGIAN WAFFLES", "GELATO", "KIDS MEAL,” "PANINIS", "PASTRIES", SAVORY CREPES,” "SALADS" also much more. But we were quickly drawn to their "CROISSANT" menu and surprised by the sheer number (26 different croissant recipes by our count) and variety on offer. 
The "APPLE PIE CROISSANT" is a must-have. This croissant is made from fresh organic apples in brown sugar, caramel, and cinnamon sauce and is available for $8.85. You can also order coffee from the "COFFEE" menu of 407 Cafe, and we recommend the "FRAPPE LATTE" for just $6.05. 
There is currently a Croissant promo running where you get a free iced latte when you buy two Croissants today. Please take advantage of this offer here today.


From the sunny state of Florida comes CARIERA'S FRESH ITALIAN restaurant. This is the fifth but by no means the least, of our choice of five new restaurants to order from when you visit MunchEm. You have an assortment of Italian dishes to choose from with "APPETIZERS & SIDES,” "PASTA," and "SUBS" menus available. 
For an appetizer, you can go for their "Mozzarella Stick" for just $9.00, while under their "LUNCH PASTA" menu, you can order "Lunch Shrimp Penne Pasta" for $13.75. However, there are so many pasta choices available, such as the "Gluten Free Penne,” "Linguine,” "Spaghetti,” "Rigatoni,” "Cavatoppi,” and "Angel Hair.” 
You can also check out their optional "Extra Meat and Penne Mods" for added spice. We tried out the "Chicken Parm Sub" which had crispy chicken covered with marinara & mozzarella cheese and served with fries for under $15. For dessert, you can try out a "Cake Dessert" for $14.50. The cake dessert is excellent for anyone with a sweet tooth. 
CARIERA'S ITALIAN has a Meatballs offer where you get three meatballs for free when you order a "Meatball flatbread.” This offer runs only on Mondays, though you can peruse their menu to decide what to order from their rich selection right here today.
And that's all, folks; we hope you will check out these five restaurants at MunchEm, and try out our recommended dishes, as we list only the genuinely remarkable ones.
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