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A Reliable Delivery Management System for Pizzeri
Madhu Madhu | November 12, 2022

Bring Back 84% Of Pizza Lovers With A Reliable Delivery Management System

Thanks to food and beverage industry companies opening up new ways for customers to order their favorite pizza, your business can prosper. After all, it's the customers that enable you to achieve your sales target and boost your business. An online pizzeria business that caters to customers ordering from the comfort of their homes can flourish when they have an established delivery mechanism.

From delivering the right order to ensuring it reaches within the promised time and in the anticipated form, businesses need a dependable delivery management system. 
Here's how you can lure your pizza-loving customers to your online pizzeria with a well-managed delivery system. 

Why Do You Need An Organized Delivery Management System?

An online pizza system is a streamlined solution that helps you accept orders and manage your deliveries smoothly. A pizzeria must work fast and flawlessly to take and deliver the correct orders. From scheduling deliveries and takeaways to managing dine-in (if it applies to your business), there is much that your business will have to manage at a time. 

With an on-tap Pizza delivery system installed, you can improve your overall business operations and customer experiences. You can bank on OrderEm software services to manage your online pizza delivery business. The app has been designed to offer safe and contactless delivery ordering options across different service locations. 

From handling delivery charges to tracking driver performance and more, OrderEm facilitates upgrading your business wherever possible and enjoying untapped revenue. 

Sell More With A Solid Delivery Management System

A viable delivery system can support your business with many enhanced features. While a well-designed and developed website can provide a reliable reference to your customers, a mobile-friendly interface can help your customers enjoy a convenient ordering experience. Besides, you can efficiently keep track of your business activities. The suitable platform makes it easier to conveniently handle single as well as multiple orders at a time. 
A comprehensive pizza delivery management software can help with your promotions and offers, website updates, operational management, and channelized communication, such as setting up email and SMS templates. A holistic management software system can offer support and give your customers quick access and a pleasant delivery experience.
Reasons To Choose A Delivery Management System For Your Pizzeria 

Here are the top reasons to choose a solid delivery system; 

1. Enable A Swift Ordering Process

Customers like to place orders that are processed fast and hassle-free. With an organized pizza delivery management system, your customers will likely place more orders as they can nicely track its delivery.  

2. Allows Quick Acceptance And Execution Of Orders

Pizza ordering systems help take orders and efficiently complete them. 

3. Improves Overall Delivery Service 

A lot depends on your quality of delivery service. With a pizza delivery management system, you can let them track orders in real-time, helping them to stay updated on the latest status of their orders. 

 4. Helps Manage Your Deliveries 

Your delivery management system allows you to manage pizza orders automatically. While you can also keep options of manual tracking open, the former helps improve your business operations by minimizing the burden on your staff. 

5. Features To Seek In A Delivery Management System 

A few features ingrained in your pizza delivery handling software can optimize your chances of achieving your business targets. 

6. Complete Support

You can offer your customers both takeaway and delivery options through your pizza delivery systems. Offering the ease of ordering provides enhanced freedom of choice to your customers, letting them order with better convenience.  

7. Order History

Allow your customers to check their complete order details and keep them in a log that can be referred to in the future. From completed orders to pending, rejected, or canceled ones, your customers, should be comfortable checking the record of orders and transactions on their accounts with your pizzeria. 

8. Promotions And Coupon Codes

Only happy customers come back. Most customers like to avail of promos and discounts. With the best deals on the offing via promo codes, you can set varied offers, including daily, weekly, monthly, or annual promotions, which can be easily integrated into your delivery system. 

9. Customers Track Orders In Real-Time

Whether or not you make a ‘hot-dot delivery’ promise, your delivery app can help your customers stay informed about the real-time status of their orders. You can allow your pizzeria customers to check the order and delivery status through the delivery tracking system on the software. It will keep you informed on delivery speed, orders in the pipeline, and any possible glitches in the delivery process. 

10. Smoothly Manage Product Categories  

With a great pizza delivery system, you can efficiently manage each product category on the catalog to make it easier for your customers to find an item of their choice quickly. 

12. Settings And Specifications

Reliable delivery management software can be personalized per your brand’s requirements. It will enable you to make essential settings, such as customer accounts, payments, operational time and delivery slots, promos, notifications, etc., easily customizable. You can also add details of your delivery personnel on the software as a point of contact for your customers to help them track their orders.

13. Notifications

Want to drive your customers' attention to your updated pizza menu or latest promos? You can get push notifications added to your software system. This way, your system users will be notified every time you launch something new, be it the latest deals or ‘plat du jour’ of the day. 

Possible Add-Ons To Your Delivery Management System 

Invoice Details

You can ensure a complete filter on the menu to make the purchase process easier. Adding details of service tax, convenience charges, etc., on the bill can offer more transparency to your customers, encouraging them to show loyalty towards your brand. 

Add Chat Support To Your Delivery System

Managing delivery requires you to reply to your customer's queries and feedback promptly. An in-app chat facility can let your customers get accurate and valuable answers to their queries. It can enable your customers to readily connect with the delivery providers to guide them to the delivery address or mutually discuss order-related questions. 

Data Visualization And Monitoring 

While tracking and managing deliveries become easier with a feature-enabled platform; you might want to view your profits in a visual form with advanced delivery management software. The feasibility of monitoring and controlling every delivery personally can help you smoothly operate and assure on-time delivery to the customer’s chosen location. 

Offer Enhanced Control To Customers

Flexibility is cherished by customers, especially when selecting the time of their pizza delivery. Your delivery management system should allow customers to order their meals immediately or schedule them at a suitable time.

Update Customer Cart As Needed

The personal cart of your customer reflects their selected orders. You can seek their confirmation or ask them to review before accepting orders. With the item management feature, delivery management software can make it easier for your customers to make necessary changes to the shortlisted menu. Introducing a re-order feature makes it simpler for customers to re-order items of their choice. 

Flexible Payment Methods

Make sure to install flexible payment methods for your customers. It can be easily offered via your delivery management system. You can add popular online payment options specific to your region and offer cash-on-delivery options. 

In Conclusion

Don’t forget to leave room for customer feedback on the delivery management app, as that will help you work on your business’ weaknesses while celebrating the strengths to beckon pizza lovers to order from your pizzeria. 

A delivery management system can make or break your business. You can get quality delivery management solutions from OrderEm and ensure your customers a professional delivery experience.  

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