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Food Trucks: Leverage Offers and Discounts to Boost Your Sales!
Prasad Vemulapalli | December 22, 2022

The holiday season can boost your business sales, although you may need an appropriate marketing strategy to attract more customers and beef up your turnover. Many people swear by food trucks, and if you own a food truck business and want to expand your reach and sales in the market or wish to launch your novel business, this article has you covered. 

So, did you know that successful marketing isn’t restricted to outcomes during the summer months alone? Instead, the holiday season is an equally lucrative time for truck owners. Here are a few handy tips that can help you promote your business.

Highlight Seasonal Specials 

Regardless of the food truck theme, you can showcase an array of holiday variations in your list of offerings. Be it winter unique beverages or food, you can add a couple of them to your truck menu. A unique twist can spice up your seasonal sales. Some examples are holiday classics and signature dishes such as a cider-infused drink, snow globe mini cheesecakes, or reindeer cookies. 

If you are keen on promoting your business, consider catering corporate parties, weddings, or local events around the holiday season, as this will also allow you to experience customer calls off the street. You can simultaneously explore options for attending local fairs and festivals. It will help you maximize visibility. Positioning your truck at crowded places with the season’s special offers can give many competitors a run for their money.

Use Social Media To Advertise Holiday Offers

Consider rolling out some new adverts for the holiday season. As social media is a potential platform to connect to a broader audience, you can reach out to your target audience and regular customers through invites floated on social media. Facebook posts, Instagram, Twitter, and Google Ads can be used to keep your customers updated on where and when you will be with your unique offerings. Creative promos, including coupons and other social media deals, can enable your loyal customers to share their favorites with folks.  

If you already don’t have one, check out the feasibility of introducing a Loyalty Program to your existing customers. Such programs allow customers to collect points for their purchases from your food truck. You can give away special seasonal goodies as rewards during the holiday season when your customers reach the expected points. You can also design and launch contests for your members and offer some special discounts to them via email. VIP special events can further encourage signing up for loyalty programs. 

If you plan to launch a loyalty program, you can check out OrderEm’s free loyalty program to attract and encourage more customers to return to your food truck for more. Check out OrderEm for boosting customer retention using the customer loyalty program, and watch your revenue multiply. 

Make sure to keep your social media followers engaged with relatable content. You can use creative contests to give away discounts and exclusive packages while covering these events on social media to attract more customers. Holiday-themed, appetizing images and videos and lucrative discount offers can be welcoming for your customers. 
Consistent communication can help keep your customers updated with new offers and discounts on special cuisines and preparations. As a restaurant on wheels, you can drive more footfalls by regularly updating your customers on your upcoming locations and times.

Give Back To Your Community 

The holiday season indeed calls for celebration, and what could be better than living this spirit by giving back to the community? You can shortlist a cause you are passionate about and invite your customers to join in the giving, and it will create a stronger bond with the community and your immediate customers. You can have special coupons for the participating customers as they come forward to support your efforts. 

Digital coupons can entice your customers to visit your store frequently. You can offer your customers guaranteed cashback during the holiday season, whether it's Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Christmas.

Don’t forget the visual appeal of your food truck and its content. The sight of delectable food and beverages is always appealing, and when you offer to give away the dishes on display, it’s even better. You can use anything from charity coupons to mobile coupons or those with promo codes, etc., as these given to your regular customers can help you build brand loyalty and make them feel special during the joyful holiday season. Check out the right tools for creating and managing coupons that are likely to work across your brand @

In tune with the market trend, you can also use the influencer marketing tool to amplify your reach and customer engagement. You can use personalized services like the push notification service extended by OrderEm to increase customer engagement and enhance the user experience. It can help you set a specific date and time to send automated notifications on the latest offers and promos you’ve launched to all activated users. Check out more at

Celebrity chefs as customers at your food truck can organically influence and leverage your brand. You can record snackable videos and share them on your official website to promote your best dishes and other offerings. You can initiate engaging posts with such videos to announce contests and quizzes, drawing their attention to your restaurant’s offerings.

Digital Orders And Offer Delivery Services

Since the pandemic, several food truck businesses have been moving to digital orders and hyperlocal food delivery services. Such systems work well owing to the comfort and convenience they offer to their loyal customers. Moreover, it can boost your sales during the holiday season, when people are on the lookout for promotions and rewarding offers.

If you are scouting for a premium way to ramp up your food truck sales, it would be worth building a solid online ordering system with a customized app and a branded website. 
With OrderEm’s eCommerce solutions for food trucks, you can reach out to more customers hassle-free. You can sign up with OrderEm to launch a successful online store for your food-on-wheels business. You can take orders accurately and ensure employee efficiency with an optimized app. Moreover, your customers can promptly access all deals and discounts launched by your business from time to time.

The holiday season is all about celebrations, which can allow you to use cross-selling as a tool to prompt your customers to buy more. You can sell additional items by offering them goodies wrapped in an attractive package, such as gifting options for friends and family with unique toys or figurines for collection along with the meal of the day at your restaurant on wheels. Learn more on cross-selling to boost your food truck sales with appealing offers @

Ensure that your food truck restaurant facilitates an on-the-go, safe, secure payment system for purchases. An app for the food truck can help, as it allows payment via a range of convenient and fast-working banking systems and mobile ordering options.


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