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From Local to Global: A Proven Online Ordering Checklist for Multiple Locations
Prasad Vemulapalli | September 01, 2023

The golden age of fine dining may be waning, as the spotlight is now on online ordering. People love the idea of savoring their favorite beverage or indulging in a cheat meal, all from the cozy confines of their homes. 

The online food ordering system had already captured people's hearts, and the pandemic acted as a catalyst. The online food ordering industry is growing by leaps and bounds, and the biggest proof of this is that the industry has experienced an awe-inspiring 300% surge since 2014. Even during COVID-19, order takeout numbers touched the sky.

And, mark our words, there is no slowdown as this industry is likely to grow with an annual growth rate of 8.29% and will likely touch the mark of $466,472 million as we see Christmas of 2026. 

As a forward-thinking entrepreneur in the food industry, you understand the vast potential of online food ordering to expand your reach and serve more locations. If your business currently operates in 10 locations and you aspire to grow to 30 or beyond, this post is tailor-made for you. 

Online Food Ordering- Your Growth Factor 

Considering the pace at which the restaurant industry is growing, its players must understand that taking advantage of online ordering tools is imperative. The compelling evidence supporting this notion is derived from recent statistics that paint a promising future for restaurants that offer this convenience to their customers.

  • A staggering 28% of people now prefer to order their food online, underscoring the significant shift in consumer behavior towards digital platforms.
  • Online ordering contributes a substantial 40% of total restaurant revenue, reflecting the growing importance of this channel.
  • Online ordering is undeniably on an upward trajectory, with a remarkable annual growth rate of 54% in order volume. 
  • The restaurant-to-consumer section of online food ordering has surpassed 760 million users, showcasing a phenomenal 20% year-on-year expansion.
  • Around 60% of establishments experienced a surge in sales after introducing this feature.
  • Approximately 31% of US consumers rely on third-party food delivery apps for culinary cravings.

From these compelling statistics, it is evident that online food ordering is no longer an occasional activity but rather an integral part of modern life. As you set your sights on success for your restaurant, overlooking the integration of online food ordering would be a missed opportunity.

Online Ordering System- The Key To Success

 While managing online ordering facilities for a few restaurant locations may seem manageable, handling the complexities of 30 locations can be a daunting task. The sheer magnitude of operations and logistics demands an efficient solution, and this is where technology comes to the rescue.

Embracing technology has become the go-to strategy for nearly 80% of restaurants seeking expansion and growth. By adopting an online ordering system, restaurants can witness an impressive 30% increase in earned profits. From streamlining invoices to optimizing order processing, this technology has the potential to revolutionize every aspect of the online food ordering system.

However, you can expect groundbreaking changes with any run-of-the-mill online ordering system. To ensure success, it is imperative to choose an online ordering system equipped with specific, crucial capabilities.

From managing orders to handling customer loyalty, such a tool is here to empower you so much that you can jump from managing 10 online restaurants to 30 without falling. 

End-to-End Order Management 

Regarding growth in the online food ordering domain, nothing can beat the importance of prompt and efficient delivery. An online ordering system with order management features makes it possible, as it allows you to: 

  • Send real-time order updates directly to the customers and the team.
  • Seize order details from various channels. This ensures that no orders are overlooked and no customer is dissatisfied.
  • Automated print the order details for your kitchen staff while eliminating manual errors and accelerating order fulfillment, increasing operational efficiency.
  • Effectively manage order updates at each stage. Using this tool, it’s easy to keep customers informed about their order status, which enhances transparency, and builds trust.

By incorporating these functionalities, an online ordering system becomes the backbone of a growing food delivery ecosystem. 

Reliable Delivery Management 

A missed or late delivery comes at a cost, and if you want to make big in the online food industry, having control over the entire delivery chain is important. To prevent this from happening, choose a system that is laced with certain advanced technologies that streamline delivery. For instance: 

  • It has GPS tracking so that you can learn about the actual location of the delivery personnel. 
  • It auto-assigns the deliveries to the delivery person so that an order is picked up early 
  • It permits drivers to select their delivery times and locations for prompt deliveries. 
  • It generates delivery reports with details like delivery locations, customer details, the driver allocated, and time taken to provide deeper insights into the delivery chain of your restaurant. 

Many restaurants offering online order facilities use OrderEM, as this tool handles delivery with online order processing simultaneously. 

Customer Management 

We live in an era where the customer is the King, and in the hospitality industry, customer experience matters the most. If you need to attract more customers and retain the previous ones, pick an online ordering system, as it comes with unmatched CRM capabilities. 

CRM is important. For every dollar you spend on CRM, you will experience an $8.71 ROI, which is impressive. 

As much as 85% of businesses using CRM software have experienced a boost in customer satisfaction. 

An online ordering system  that offers integrated CRM capabilities will help you: 

  • To consolidate all of your customer data from different channels 
  • Create customer profiles, customer marketing campaigns, and sales pitches 
  • Automate customer-business engagement 

Loyalty Management

Retaining an old customer is easier than taking a new customer on board. And this brings lucrative results as well. You might not know it, but customers, who’re availing of any sort of loyalty program from a business are likely to bring 12-81% more revenue growth as compared to non-loyalty members. 

This is why word of wise is to get an online ordering system with integrated loyalty management, as it can help a restaurant to: 

  • Build customized loyalty point programs 
  • Provide loyalty programs via different channels 
  • Generate multiple offers like BOGO, e-gift cards, discount coupons, and many more.

You can consider using OrderEM, as it has a pre-integrated loyalty management feature. 

Impressive Integration 

Running an online ordering business is not the job of one technology. Multiple tools are required, and if your online ordering system is not getting along well with your pre-existing technology suite, then workflows will be pretty messed up. 

OrderEM is a great option here. It’s a well-integrated tool offering integrations with leading tools like Clover, Stripe, and Square.  

Wondering which one is best between Square and Clover? Click here

Ready to Conquer Online Food Ordering Industry 

You can’t survive in the restaurant domain if you haven’t started online food ordering. For this to go smoothly, you need a robot online ordering system with capabilities like order management, delivery management, customer management, and loyalty management. 

Such an online ordering system will empower a restaurant on multiple fronts. Make a wise choice, and we’re sure that there will be no looking back for you. 

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