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Here's how a Local Pizzeria Produced 6 Figures in Revenue Using a Self-Service Kiosk
Prasad Vemulapalli | March 10, 2023


If you own a pizzeria and want it to reap a colossal turnover, opening a self-service kiosk can turn things around for the better. Don't you believe it? Well, it’s not hype but a real deal that several restaurants, pizzerias, and cafes have tried out, only to see a positive change in their business.
Employee shortages, inflation, and delivery management are common issues that may stand in the way of your business's development. OrderEm can help you develop a self-service kiosk that would provide a convenient and contactless point for customers to place customized orders and simultaneously boost your business independently. 
Adopting a self-service kiosk can help your pizzeria’s revenue skyrocket in no time. One of OrderEm’s pizzeria clients recorded a whopping $106,000 in revenue in just three months from their self-service kiosks. Check out why you should try it too!

Increase in Upselling Abilities 

Upselling can get your spontaneous business profits. Still, often, the need to serve customers quickly and reduce wait times prevents pizzerias from taking up the task of upselling.
With self-service kiosks, you can reduce the wait time for your in-house customers without compromising on upselling to customers. That way, you can offer more to your customers with upselling prompts, boosting sales and your revenue. Prompts such as a combo meal or asking if they want to add a beverage or a dessert to their pizza meal can work in your favor. 

Reduced Dependency on Staff and Reduced Labor Cost

With a self-service kiosk, your staff won’t have to run around, as many front-of-house tasks can be managed using automation. You may not need to fire your existing staff but employ them in more productive roles that can channel their skills, reduce the burden and simultaneously improve your sales.
Peak hours can be demanding on the staff, and with self-service kiosks, you can relocate your employees to the back-end jobs that can eventually increase the speed at which you can serve your customers. This can help you serve more customers in a short period. 
Your pizzeria staff can perform other duties, such as packing takeaway meals, delivering orders to dine-in customers, or cleaning. That is how you can expect an overall reduction in labor costs, as you won’t feel pressured to employ more personnel than required.  

Use Customer Behavior to Increase Ticket Size

With a self-service kiosk, you display all your pizzeria offerings at once. Hence, you can use this opportunity to put up all items, including the high-price ones, in an appealing way to entice customers. For instance, a double burst cheese pizza instead of just a cheese pizza. This marketing can help you understand your customers’ purchasing behavior and determine which higher-price items are more in demand. This is an effective way to enable your pizzeria’s increase in profits by an average of 15-20%.

Enhanced Customer Experience 

Lesser wait time can improve the accuracy of orders as it can help your staff stay focussed instead of scurrying to take an order. This can go a long way in improving the overall customer experience. As customers can feed in details of their orders, the risk of mishearing orders or entering incorrect information is minimized. Accuracy can save a lot of time for your customers and your pizzeria.
With the help of OrdemEm, you can launch your pizzeria kiosk and streamline the entire ordering process to process them for your customers faster. 
Ordering at their own pace at a pizzeria could be satisfying for customers. Moreover, the reduced face-to-face contact between customers and restaurant staff can ascertain safety for both the customers and your pizzeria staff. 
With a self-ordering model, you can also collect advanced customer insights. This will enable a better understanding of the market, trends, and demands. You may find some items on your pizzeria menu to be more popular. Moreover, this can help you gauge the peak ordering time and determine what needs modification. Every piece of information you collect is invaluable, as it can enable you to determine plausible strategies for promoting items for higher revenues. 
The customer data you collect via your self-service kiosk is authentic and can be analyzed effectively. 


Taking orders from an individual customer, verifying them with every customer, collecting payments, and generating a bill—every process is time-consuming. A self-ordering kiosk can reduce the total ordering time per customer.  
A self-ordering setup is not aimed at replacing your full staff strength but at optimizing sales and enhancing efficiency. You need staff to welcome your customers and spread a warm feeling. So even if your customer wishes to self-order, you can always have the pizzeria staff topping up their water or checking on refilling paper napkins, ensuring that the floor is spick and span, etc. If you have a pizzeria and want to establish a self-ordering kiosk, it is one of the best things to do. 
The strategic placement of kiosks is essential as it can encourage customers to self-order. Counter-top self-service and free-standing, wall-mounted kiosks are standards at successful pizzerias.

Higher accessibility

With a kiosk connected to your customers' mobile devices, they can order from anywhere, pay using a reliable online payment method, and track the status of their pizza. Mobile-friendly kiosks ensure quick and convenient access. That way, they can simply scan your pizzeria code with their mobile devices to browse the extensive menu and place their order. That way, they won’t have to leave their chairs to place their orders. 
You can occasionally add rewards or special deals for customers using their mobiles to order. Alternatively, you can spell out a loyalty rewards program in your features. This is likely to not only lure your customers into ordering using the self-service kiosk, but they may end up placing orders for a couple of extra things. 

Why choose OrderEm for your self-service Pizzeria kiosk? 

Like those that reported a sharp rise in revenues within 3-6 months of registering at OrderEm, you can also try the self-kiosk for your pizzeria. Not only will your customers be able to access your pizzeria’s full menu on the cloud-based kiosk display, but you can also enjoy the perks of customization with an appealing template representing your brand. 
With OrderEm, you can add a score of features to your kiosk. For instance, one that enables customers to choose an SMS notification to stay updated on their order status. This will directly share information about orders placed with your customers. This reduces your staff’s waiting time and workload while improving your pizzeria’s productivity and revenue. 
Overall, speed of service and quality are elements that customers are looking for, and this can be achieved with automated self-ordering pizza kiosks. Moreover, staying up-to-date is a basic necessity to remain in business and attract more customers while trying to satisfy as many of them as possible.  
Research shows that self-service kiosks are here to stay. You, too, can give your pizzeria business that much-needed boost with OrderEm’s digital solutions.  

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