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How to Set Up a Leakage-Proof Loyalty System
Madhu Madhu | November 26, 2022

A bar or pub depends much on consistent customers. Historically, it has been seen that the major revenue contributors to a business are its existing customers compared to earning new ones. Moreover, getting new customers is a hard feat to achieve. The best way to retain your customers is through a full-fledged loyalty program. Here’s more on how well you can use a loyalty program and the strategies to maintain your existing customers.

What is a Loyalty Program?

Bar loyalty programs are designed to make customers happy by rewarding them with special promotional offers or discounts for having frequented their bar. The main aim of a bar business is to motivate your customers to continue buying from you rather than from your competitors. 

Did you know that acquiring new customers for your bar can cost you more than retaining your existing ones? Moreover, existing customers are more likely to buy from you than the newly acquired ones. Bar loyalty programs can make the perfect way to display your appreciation to existing customers. 

Additionally, you should aim for a customer retention program that is holistic. It should be something that can also improve the participation and enthusiasm of your staff. That’s because having a dedicated team with a rapport with your customers will see more of them returning to your bar. 

You can design your loyalty program that gives away prizes instantly while signing up; how you do it is what your bar business needs to tap into. Offer your customers something when registering and watch the difference. Keep reading for more such tips on setting up a solid loyalty system.

Possible Giveaways for Your Loyalty System

Daily/Weekly/Monthly Rewards

Rewards are alluring for all customers as new and old customers savor them. Moreover, it is an integral part of your loyalty program. Drawing up a reward system where customers acquire points every time they pay at the bar. This system makes them feel honored. 

The points can be exchanged for gifts such as vouchers, drinks, and food. You can offer customized rewards as a gesture to welcome or give away birthday and anniversary rewards, among other forms, to tell your customers that they haven’t been forgotten.  

Companies such as OrderEm can help build a personalized loyalty program for your bar with an exclusive rewards structure. You can give your customers loyalty points based on the total value of their order, such as 5%, 10%, or more which can be accumulated and used to get discounts on their next order. You can always set an expiration date before which the accumulated points need to be redeemed by your customers. 


With a cloud-based loyalty system such as OrderEm, you can reward your customers at the perfect time, attract new customers and increase revenue. You can enable a mobile-friendly app where customers can show their loyalty cards to get attractive discounts and deals from your bar. 

Email Campaign

You can market your tailored promotions for existing customers through personalized email. You can get their email-ids by sharing something of value with your customers or while seeking their feedback on a form as they leave the bar. From sending offers to sharing event pictures or videos from your latest cocktail, you can reach out to your customers to build a community of loyal followers. 

Have Options On Redemptions Open  

It would be best if you made the redemption of points flexible so your customers could access it from your online store, custom app, in-store, or kiosks. Redemption processes can be very different depending on the industry's size and operation. For your bar business, you could have a redemption system that allows your customers to redeem their rewards conveniently on the go. 

Whether from a physical store or an online one, you can bank on a loyalty system solution like that designed by OrderEm that can always fit your requirements. OrderEm can offer a unique loyalty program for all types of restaurants, including bars. You can delight your customers with member-only benefits. You can boost your revenue manifold by choosing to award discounts to allow your customers to receive specific products while redeeming points.

Easy Sign Up

A tedious sign-up for a loyalty program is less likely to be alluring. It is essential to have a program design that’s easy to join. Something as simple as simply scanning a QR code or using their mobile number to sign up on their browser would work.

Things You Need to Know Before Setting Up a Loyalty Program 

1. Know Your Customer

Knowing your customer is the first step to setting up a leakage-proof loyalty plan. You should know their buying temperament, their frequency of orders, and what you can offer that is lucrative to them. Some groundwork is necessary to reward your loyal customers and have them visit your bar frequently.

2. Have a Budget and Set a Target 

Your bar must take care of many things, be it marketing, social media, interior, or supplies. Like everything that comes at a price and has a budget, you must identify how much will be spent on a loyalty program. A well-designed program will enable you to run your program smoothly without glitches. 

Your reward size needs to align with the business or profit earned by you from your customers. You can have a multi-tiered rewards program that gives away rewards based on customer spending.

3. Categorize Customers

 Once you have access to customer data, purchase volume, payment mode, and a loyalty report, you can categorize them and keep them regularly informed about your premium services that could fascinate them.

You need an appropriate loyalty program for your bar that suits your business model and customer type. Whether offering loyal customers redeemable points on every dollar spent or offering them discounts on meals when the customer visits your bar within a specific period, all you need is to frame a program design that complements your customers’ expectations and befits your business.

Loyalty programs aren’t for everyone. You should keep it exclusive by identifying your esteemed customers. You can decide based on the frequency of their visits, such as those who visit you at least once or twice a month, the amount of money they spend on every visit, etc.

How to Use a Loyalty System to Benefit Your Bar? 

So, what can you do to start your bar’s loyalty system?

  • Have a loyalty system that rewards patrons for each purchase they make
  • Encourage them to repeat visits by using coupons and points as giveaways
  • Give your customers a reloadable card to pre-pay or transfer the amount to a friend’s card as a gift. 

Final Thoughts

Try using your loyalty program wisely, especially by looking at the areas where your bar isn’t performing at its best. You can offer discounts or encourage your customers to try some of your special menu items. You can innovate with a robust and intelligent loyalty system tailor-made for your business.



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