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How to Set up a POS Solution for Your Bar
Prasad Vemulapalli | March 23, 2023
The POS system, or point-of-sale system, works as an all-in-one purchasing and reporting system that can help you with all your bar management needs. POS software is a modern system that is much more advanced than traditional cash registers. 
A well-established POS system setup for your bar can streamline communication between all channels of your business. From cutting down on time spent manually entering orders to reducing the chances of transactional errors, a POS solution can enable improved management of the bar’s supply inventories. An adequately installed POS system can impact your bar’s overall profitability. 
Things to Consider When Choosing a Viable POS System for Your Bar
  • Evaluate the overall cost
  • Check the local servicing systems
  • Ensure ease of use 

What Should you Look for in a Top-rated POS System?

While several POS systems are available on the market, consider the following features before purchasing software for your bar or brewery business. 

1. Enable Complete Customization

It is essential to have a POS system that is easy to use and, at the same time, allows customization.
Your bar’s operation depends on multiple factors, and changes in those factors can impact the function. After all, you wouldn’t want your staff to struggle to meet customer demands by looking around for substitutional drinks on a busy weekend at the bar. Hence, a POS can make knowing what your bar needs convenient. 
Large orders on special occasions, during rush hours, or on weekends are a positive sign for your bar business, but you will need a system that can handle such large volumes of orders at once. A good POS solution can help smoothly manage your customers' needs and preferences. 
A dedicated website can ensure complete control over your online ordering mechanism. This can work as a tool to help you establish a solid digital presence of your brand in the larger market, attracting more customers to your business. 
If you plan to build a custom website for your bar, the OrderEm app can customize each page design. You can preview your choices to finalize your bar’s website’s appearance, feel, and functionality. OrderEm allows the creation of your identity by integrating your brand logo, font, and color scheme to make your website stand out.  

2. Enable Contactless Integration 

Instead of spending time entering bar orders, your bar staff can spend time interacting with customers, which can work in favor of growing your business. With a mobile POS, you can initiate a contactless service and enable your staff to invest their time in helping customers place orders perfectly. This will also enable your staff you contribute to increasing the cheque size as they can make some recommendations from the menu and upsell your premium liquor available at the bar. 
With OrderEm, you can publish your custom app. You can simply choose your app name and tagline that closely represent its features. Add app templates that suit your requirements. Add additional features to help your business grow, along with custom pages linking to your social media accounts. This can help give more stories and achievements about your bar to customers.  

3. Simplify Menu Management Processes

No two days are the same at the bar on multiple special occasions; your customers may look out for special menus. Your menu might need accounting, whether it is the list of finest wines or the treats you serve.
A cloud-based system can keep pace with every occasion, allowing you to adjust your menu to the demand spontaneously. The OrderEm app for your bar can help you set up a clear navigation menu that can simplify ordering by making everything accessible within reach of their fingertips.  

How to Install a POS System

If you aren’t sure how to set up a POS system, OrderEm can help with its cloud-based solutions. This will make your bar’s POS system installation easy while ensuring a simplified process of updating, thanks to the complete digital management. You can download the system’s compatible version on your mobile device and access it via your web browser. Subsequently, it can be used right away after logging into your account. 
Here's how the right POS tools can benefit your bar or brewery business.

Make Payments Flexible

You can set up multiple payment methods with a POS solution and install automatic tipping systems, assign checks to your staff, and manage unexpected voids with a few taps. From credit cards and debit cards to other e-wallet and UPI payments, you can have several payment methods activated.  

Introduce Faster Order Entry

You can create and personalize your menus from anywhere from your POS. You can also be sure of accepting accurate orders even at times when your bar is short-staffed. 

Enhance Floor Management 

The real-time status of POS systems can help you keep track and foster relentless table-turnings. Whether closing the accounts for the day, managing voids, or running end-of-the-day reports, everything can be managed from your bar POS.  

Kitchen Management

You can improve kitchen efficiency and closely check the prep times by monitoring the performance reports. With POS tools, you can customize ticket layouts and set timers and alerts to ensure your orders reach the right stations in the required order. Keeping your menus synced in real time can help reduce the placement of wrong orders. 
Here’s what you can do if you plan to set up a POS solution for your bar with a minimum investment.
  • Understand the varied e-commerce business models available to estimate the cost of setting up your bar’s online POS system.
  • Identify the appropriate products you wish to sell more. For this, follow the demand and ordering trends at your bar. Is it cocktails, wine, beer, or other alcohol that sells more? It could also be the choice of food that tops up your orders.
  • Find a viable source of product that ascertains high quality and pricing within your budget.
  • Calculate your product pricing, as this will directly impact the ROI you expect on your investment. From calculating your investments to estimating your selling price, marketing price, and profit, ensure that all essential pricing parameters are included. 
  • Find an app e-commerce platform. With the OrderEm POS system, you can be sure of an easy-to-use app offering additional benefits. 
  • You can use customizable themes to design your bar. OrderEm enables different page layouts and personalization that can be used to brand the look and feel of your bar. 
  • Select appropriate payment options for your bar. 
  • Create a solid marketing plan for your target audience and identify proper channels 
  • Build your community of customers by creating a group of customers on social media channels 


A digital POS system is a lucrative way to boost the game in your bar management. It can help improve your profit margins and simultaneously enable you to monitor your bar’s performance more efficiently. The OrderEm app has seamless integration mechanisms to help you save time, minimize errors, and raise your bottom line. 
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