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Improve Your Restaurant’s Takeaway And Delivery Business
Prasad Vemulapalli | January 28, 2021



The food on the go has been the mantra the millennials are following. Many people love to order food and experience different cuisines. All this has been possible due to the massive increase in takeaway and ordering apps, which helps customers place orders. Earlier, the takeaways and delivery concept was found only in pizzerias and burger joints. But with the widespread use of the internet and many people being aware of the services, the takeaway and delivery industry has grown potentially. E-commerce has introduced many food ordering apps like OrderEm. This helps the restaurants to deliver the food to the needful customer. Now, customers have an unlimited range of food to choose from pizza to main course meals. a


As a restaurant owner, using the OrderEm app will give you a significant edge over your peers. You will be able to handle multiple orders from different channels which can be managed seamlessly from OrderEm App. This in turn will boost your productivity and increase sales. It helps your accuracy and enhances loyalty, which will create a long-lasting bond with your customers. A recent report on the internet showed that 51% of Americans use home delivery for their dinners, and 26% avail the service at least once a week. 


7 Steps to Grow Your Restaurant’s Takeaway 

1. Train Your Staff for the Best Customer Service

Every restaurant is known for its food and the staff. It is essential to cater an excellent set of staff who would be handling the customers. A pleasant bunch of staff creates a homely atmosphere where the diner would love to come back to. Ensure your staff are trained well and are efficient in serving the customers to their needs. Also, see that the staff are well aware of the services that you are currently promoting.


2. Ensuring Effective Communication Between Staff Members 



A service industry requires a unique set of staff who are predictable and are open to communicating with their fellows. Have regular team meetings to understand each other’s responsibilities. This helps clear the confusion and makes it easy for all to appreciate their charter of duties. The service staff and kitchen staff need to work hand in hand for the timely delivery of the food. Prompt and concise communication, along with coordination between the team, helps it run smoothly. During shift change, allot an overlapping time between the staff for easier exchange of pending tasks. 


3. Accurate Wait Timings 

Time plays the most crucial role in a takeaway order. People prefer takeaways and online delivery for quick access to food. A delay from the restaurant can be a spoilsport. With the help of the OrderEm App, you can reduce the order processing time. This app will help track the order, which will allow customers to be informed about the status of the delivery and food orders in real-time. Simply increase order processing time and delivery zone time in case of anticipated rush hours; this will help the diners know the delay in processing an order. Cater to a separate set of staff to handle the online schedules and orders. Keep the customers informed of any possible delays to avoid dissatisfied customers coming up to you.

4. Craft Online Menus Using OrderEm



A menu helps the customer to decide what he needs to order. Having an online menu makes it easier. The app allows you to build an online menu where you may display the food items ordered for takeaways. Keep an easy-to-understand menu rather than over designing and adding all the items. The menu should contain all the details related to the food items and the calculated preparation time. This will help the customers to decide on the item they wish to order.

5. Handle Online Clients Complaints and Concerns

The Customer is the King and is Always Right’ is the notable rule among restaurateurs. The customer’s issues should be handled with the utmost care and on time. The digital revolution has changed the way customers raise their concerns. They use platforms like social media, yelp, and google my business. Irrespective of the cause of the issue and the medium how it is posted, your prompt reply is mandatory as this shows how much you care for your clients.

(I) Acknowledge the Customers Complaint 

Unsatisfied customers can be challenging to handle. Let the customers raise their issue/concern and give due consideration to all their negative reviews. This goes well with many customers as they realize you are listening to them and ready to help. This helps in building trust when they see you are adopting changes to the issues mentioned by them.

(ii) Quick Action 

A quick apology to the grieving customer can help build a good rapport. Your primary focus should be to pacify the customer so that he comes to avail of your services again. 

(iii) Offer Freebies

All diners love gifts. As a token of compensation, it’s a good idea to offer a small offering such as sweet treats, candies, or some goodies from your restaurant. This token makes them feel acknowledged as well as build a positive relationship with your restaurant.

(iv) Feedback Forms

This could be a game-changer as this helps you to know what your customer thinks about your service. Request them to write feedback online and to rate your services. This helps your future clients to gauge your services and also allows you to improve your restaurant and services.  

6. Prompt Customer Service

The changing times have seen a marked increase in the way customers prefer takeaways and delivery. Giving an excellent delivery service to diners is mandatory as this will ensure they become repeat customers.


  •  Deliver hot and fresh food - The diners are always looking for hot and fresh food while placing an order. It can be disappointing if the food is cold when it is delivered. This will spoil the image of your restaurant. To ensure the food remains hot, keep a check on the delivery time, and it should be delivered without delay. The restaurant should provide the delivery boys with insulated food bags that help retain the temperature of the food until it reaches the customers. This will help garner your restaurant’s image.

  •  Eco-Friendly Packaging - Packaging is all about how much you care about your service. A spoilt or leaked food delivery is a cause of concern as your diners would be disappointed with your service. Implement a technique with no-spill containers and use adequate packing material to insulate hot boxes of food. Using eco-friendly packaging products showcases that you care for the environment and are a responsible citizen too. Many diners would appreciate this and continue to associate with you for longer. 

7. Clear Communication Between Restaurant and Customers

A lot of confusion is seen when it comes to delivery or takeaways. The customer’s address is hard to find, or the food that was ordered has run out of the menu. For addressing these kinds of uncertainties, build proper communication with your customers.  Initiate a call to the customer to verify their address before taking their order out for delivery. This helps the customer to guide you for nearby landmarks, and it notifies them that the order is on the way. Making improvisations in your food delivery system can attract more customers. 

Bottom Line

The restaurant delivery demands on-time delivery, and the customers cannot compromise on the time taken or the efficiency of the food preparation. Diners are eagerly waiting to dig into their food as soon as possible. Delayed delivery or inaccurate food orders can dampen the spirits of the customers and may refrain from continuing the services with you. With the advent of technology and changing times, restaurant delivery has evolved phenomenally. You need to ensure better customer service even when your food is delivered to your customers. I hope this blog has helped you with all the necessary information on how to increase your restaurant delivery sales.

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