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Launch A Successful Curbside Pickup For Your Coffee Shop
Prasad Vemulapalli | December 09, 2022

While curbside pickup programs have been prevalent for quite some time, the pandemic has dramatically changed how the restaurant industry functions. Today, not one but many restaurants, including coffee shops and bistros, have opened their doors to curbside pickup operations. 

Customers discovered this as a safer method than the traditional dining experience. Aside from being a safe way to have restaurant food during a pandemic, a curbside pickup facility allows customers to pick up their orders quickly. Customers usually don’t have to leave their vehicles to collect food.

So, if you own a coffee shop and want to attract more customers, you can check out how OrderEm’s App can help you offer contactless curbside pickup to attract more customers to your coffee hangout. With this app, your customers can experience the perks of visiting your store for seamless service without having to wait for their order’s delivery. With a few clicks on the customized OrderEm app, you will be ready to get your order!

Why Should You Launch A Curbside Pickup Program?

If you are still wondering how a curbside pickup program can help your coffee shop, here’s what you need to know:

Indeed, curbside pickup is not just popular with customers; it is equally profitable for businesses, as you can provide takeaway service to your customers at a low cost. Unlike third-party food delivery apps, your curbside takeaway from the coffee shop will offer a faster and more convenient option without burdening you with any extra cost per order.

Undoubtedly, the contactless delivery trend is a hit among consumers. Eateries, pizzerias, cafes, and coffee shops regularly update all the takeout and delivery services to make them more accessible. With your curbside coffee pickup services, you can ensure your consumers have a safe and convenient way to enjoy meals from their favorite coffeehouse. Not only will your customers experience a new face of dining off the premises, but with a curbside pickup at your restaurant, you will be generating an alternative revenue stream.

Want to set up a curbside pickup but don’t know where to start? We can help you through the journey.

If you own a coffee shop and provide curbside pickup service, your customers can place an order for takeout by simply calling you or using an online ordering app like OrderEm that can create a custom app for your coffee shop in no time.

Once you confirm the order placed by your customer, they can drive to your coffee shop and wait at a designated spot for the staff to bring their order to them. You can always set up a digital order system, and your customers can confirm when they arrive so you know when to bring the order out.

Benefits Of A Curbside Pickup Program 

Safe For Customers 

Coffee shops are active throughout the day, and with a crowd of people walking in and out of the restaurant, order delivery management might become difficult. With a curbside service, you can be sure of keeping your staff and customers safe.

Convenient for Customers 

Several market studies show that customers prefer curbside pickup to delivery if the coffee shop is within a 10-mile radius of their residence. That’s because it is likely to be faster than delivery services. 

Off-Premise Revenue Stream For Your Business

Hosting more people in the coffee shop at a time may not be possible due to physical constraints. However, with a curbside pickup, you can attract more customers and business, giving way to increased revenue from your takeout orders. 

Guide To Launching Your Curbside Pickup Program 

Setting up your own curbside pickup coffee shop isn’t rocket science; just a few strategies can help you set it up successfully.

Create A Dedicated Curbside Menu

Including a few popular coffees that your customers love to see on the takeout menu, like a cold cappuccino, can make your initiative more effective. Work out a smaller menu to easily streamline your kitchen operations. Speed is important in your takeout service, and having a limited menu can help you focus on quicker preparation and quality service. Make sure to maintain the quality of meal packaging on the go.

Include The Most Popular Beverages And Food; Get Creative

Customers will be more inclined to visit your coffee shop if they know they will be served their favorites. You can include some of your chef’s special nibbles and best-selling coffee concoctions. Also, you can consider omitting items that are perishable or prone to spoilage, as some customers may drive a long distance to pick up their order from your coffee shop.
You can expand your curbside coffeehouse menu to include family treats or a special day’s menu.

Make Sure The Packaging Is Done Well

Your curbside package orders for delivery need to be appropriately completed. If you offer hot beverages, you should pack them in an appropriate container. Ensure the company name and logo are on the packaging for brand visibility. Don’t forget to include napkins and condiments for a premium curbside coffee shop experience to be delivered to your customers.

Setup An Online Ordering System 

Check out OrderEm to set up a customized curbside online ordering mechanism via a dedicated app. It can help you take curbside orders smoothly, provide image-based menu support, and help you get notifications for incoming orders while enabling you to connect directly with your customers. Compatible with Android and iOS, the app also allows you to design and create a loyalty program for existing customers for a sustainable curbside takeout experience without extra charges.

Create A Dedicated Pickup Spot For The Curbside Offer

Curbside parking spots should have good visibility and be convenient for customers and your staff to serve quickly. You may require permission from the local authorities to set up temporary parking in front of your coffee shop. Make sure there’s a clear procedure for your customers to pick up their orders while seated in their cars.

Pronounced Curbside Pickup Instructions 

Your customers need to know where to go and what to do to collect their curbside orders. Make sure to have all instructions clearly written to avoid confusion. From placing an order to mentioning the pickup timing, guiding your customers to the parking location, training staff to identify the customers, ensuring contactless handoff, and offering a secure mode of payment, every instruction should be clearly stated and integrated with your app.

Follow Appropriate Food Safety And Sanitization Procedures

You can’t skip this as this is an essential aspect of any restaurant business. Equip your staff with proper protective equipment to maintain hygiene, ensure other disinfection and hygiene procedures such as handwashing, sanitizing high-touch-rate surfaces like credit and debit card readers, etc. 

Promote Your Coffeehouse Business 

From in-store to online advertisements to word of mouth, you can promote your curbside offer in multiple ways. Also, make sure to have a loyalty reward program for your customers. Dedicated email campaigns or promotions from your regular customers can help your coffee shop rise to the top of its list of preferred curbside pickup locations.

Check out the OrderEm app to see how curbside pickup can work for your customers and your service staff.

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