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Restaurant Marketing Trends To Watch Out For In 2023
Prasad Vemulapalli | December 29, 2022


Marketing your restaurant business is a building block to growing your profits. It helps you showcase your products and services better to attract more customers. With increasing competition, staying updated with the latest marketing trends is essential to flourishing your restaurant business. 

If you are seeking ideas to stand out in the market, this article covers some of the most appropriate marketing techniques and strategies for your eateries or food joints.  

Strategize To Capture the Market

There are steps you can consider to emerge as a market winner. These revolve around appropriately benefiting from your social media presence and attracting the attention and loyalty of your customers.

Use Social Media For Marketing 

The social media platform can effectively market your restaurant business, as many customers avidly scout for restaurants on social media sites. Be it restaurant reviews, offered cuisines, ambiance, or service, customers look for feedback on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and similar social media platforms. 
You can use video marketing to showcase your restaurant's unique selling points. Things like how the kitchen operates behind the scenes can be recorded and shared across popular platforms. 

Such videos can also become your medium for interacting with customers, managing reviews, and responding to feedback. Try highlighting your restaurant’s contact information, address, and specialties in your social media channels to catch the attention of new customers.  

Watch Your Digital Presence And SEO Visibility 

Digital marketing plays a vital role in marketing your restaurant. Many customers like to check out the restaurant websites before visiting them. From booking a table to helping customers order takeout, your personalized website can become a reliable platform for customers to connect with your restaurant. You can contact OrderEm to get one for your business if you still need to get one.

Make sure to use nifty keywords when using SEO (search engine optimization) techniques to give your restaurant visibility on local search engines. If your customers can find your restaurant and its menu on Google, you can be assured of your presence in the market. It will enable you to register your business with a search engine like Google and get more customers.

You can check out OrderEm’s marketing tools to attract new customers to your restaurant while ensuring the return of loyal customers more often. OrderEm can help your restaurant business set up digital marketing campaigns to redirect the right traffic.

Devise A Loyalty Programme For Returning Customers

You can create a customer loyalty program in sync with the current market trends. Such a program can help your business see a higher footfall, with existing customers visiting your restaurant more frequently. Offering incentives to your customers will impress them, beckon them to your restaurant, and enable you to maximize the value you can get from them.
Get innovative with the perks you offer to your VIP customers. Isn’t it great to make your returning customers feel appreciated for their loyalty toward your restaurant? Check out ways to use your unique loyalty program to retain and reward your customers. It will encourage your customers to recommend your business to their friends and family.  

Get a Quality POS System

POS, or point-of-sale systems, enable businesses to carry out everyday transactions. Such systems can be used to collect data on customer demographics while conducting their primary function of processing payments. Installing the latest POS systems in your restaurant allows you to set up marketing tools to get more business by studying the order trends, preferred food, etc. 
Besides this, you also have to take care of certain other aspects. For instance, does your restaurant offer contactless card payments or do you provide a wide range of e-wallets, mobile wallets, and so on? Can your customers pay through digital modes if you have a specialized app for your restaurant? Can they book a table online, and is all the data well integrated into your POS system?
You can develop an exclusive restaurant mobile app on OrderEm. An app facilitates using push notifications for new menu additions or reminds customers of their points balance to encourage them to visit you or order online.  

Online Order Acceptance

The COVID pandemic has undoubtedly changed the dynamics of eating out; most restaurants that have survived this period will agree with the value of providing the facility of ordering food online. 

You can promote this facility across various social media channels and provide links to your restaurant’s ordering page. That way, you can reach out to a large customer base and generate additional revenue even when your restaurant is fully booked. 
Try working out the possibilities of Al fresco or outdoor dining. It will not adversely impact your sales even when restaurants are advised to reduce their in-house capacities to maintain social distance. You can take maximum advantage of open spaces to serve more customers outside your immediate physical establishment. 
A restaurant management system that can efficiently handle your online orders and provide customers with a seamless experience will most likely gain brownie points. Also, you can back it up with trustworthy and safe banking options that allow your customers to make hassle-free transactions online. 

Get A QR Code For Your Restaurant Menu

Trending like fire- these QR codes allow quick access to online content at the restaurant, and they are used for marketing purposes by several restaurants. You can create a QR code to connect your restaurant’s menu to your mobile business app. It will help your customers access your restaurant details from anywhere, anytime, via their smartphones or tablets. This code can also be added to your marketing emails and other customer-service communications. From your restaurant tables to your social media channels, you can have the QR code strategically placed to enable convenience and increased accessibility for your customers. 

Community Engagement

Positioning your restaurant is integral to reinforcing its acceptance by the local community. You can get involved in campaigns to build networks with local businesses such as bars, hotels, and pubs, and these can refer customers to you and vice versa. 

Besides, it can open avenues to participate in special events and celebrations close to your restaurant. You can simultaneously find newer ways to generate positive public relations through local dailies and newspapers. 

Custom-Designed Services

Who doesn’t like a service tailored just for them? Your customers enjoy the attention, and you can take advantage of this customer sentiment to value them more. 

You can track your customers' preferences with a detailed feedback form that reviews your restaurant’s ambiance, food quality, prompt service, staff, etc. This feedback form can include questions about your customer’s email address, date of birth, special events, anniversaries, etc., besides their name and profile details. 

Concluding Thoughts 

You shouldn’t forget that keeping your business updated with the latest technology is an indispensable step towards familiarizing yourself with what’s trending in the market. A viable order management software, marketing and loyalty software, CRM software, restaurant chatbot software, and similar tech solutions can add to your restaurant’s popularity and scope of revenue generation. 

Today, the restaurant industry goes beyond just the dine-in facility. Keeping up with market trends when devising marketing strategies will help you create a business plan that meets your customers' evolving needs and caters to them efficiently.


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