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And In The Hands Of Your Customers

Built for multistore chain restaurants with API and Dashboard for all your online ordering, custom apps, delivery management, loyalty, kiosks and more to provide fulfilling digital experiences to your clients.
Online Ordering
Software for Merchants
Software for Merchants
Your brand on the web, in the app stores, and even on Facebook. Get a custom app or website and start accepting online orders today.
Great for restaurants, retail and grocery stores
What We Offer
Receive Pickup Orders
Receive Delivery Orders
Receive Shipping Orders
Receive Catering Orders
Get Table Reservations
Receive Group Orders
List Instant coupons
Send Coupon Notifications
Send Event Notifications
Send Push Notifications
Join Rewards (Munchies) Program
Branded Mobile Apps
Branded Website
Facebook ordering
Manage Orders
Marketing Tools
Send Email Campaigns
Promotion Codes
Instant Coupons
Multi-Location Management
Delivery Settings
Order Analytics
Track Drivers Realtime
Manage Driver Availability
Manage Driver Zones
Driver Push Notifications
Driver Text Messages
One Touch Status Updates
Order Claiming
Driver Management
Driver Assignment
Driver Earnings
Driver Tracking
Driver Reviews
Integrated Delivery Platform
Use our tools to manage your drivers to reduce your delivery costs or use 3rd party delivery services.
Delivery Platform Step by Step Procedure
*Includes a free tablet to receive pickup, delivery orders.
*Sales tax may apply.
Marketing Tools
Delivery by Third Party3rd Party Delivery
Brand matters - Make sure your customers can place orders on your site and select a delivery service based on their preference.
CouponsInstant Coupons
Give ability to your restaurant locations to create on demand coupons that can be pushed through your mobile app location subscribers.
Promo codesPromotion Codes
Our system gives ability to create on-demand promotion codes to take advantage of local charities or schools to built relationships.
Create loyalty programs for increasing orders
NotificationsMOBILE Notifications
Send all the push notifications and in-app messages you want or Send messages automatically based on events that happen in your app.
Delivery TrackingDelivery Tracking
DeliverEm gives you full control of your deliveries by connecting managers, drivers and customers.
How It Works
Receive image

Receive your orders by phone call, fax message, text alert, email, or push notification (OrderEm App).

You can review full order details at this stage, including what your customer wants, if it’s for pickup or delivery, and payment status.

Confirm image

Press 2 on your phone or select Confirm in the OrderEm app to let your customer know you’ve gotten the order.

You’ll also be able to adjust the expected completion time so your customers know when you’ll be ready for them.

Satisfy image

Claim the order or assign it to an available driver. Get everything ready so your driver can be on his way in no time.

By removing obstacles (time, traffic, trunk space, etc.), you’ll make buying much easier for your customers.

Complete image

Mark your order as complete in your OrderEm account. That’s it, you’re done. Easy as pie. Or pasta. Or whatever you sell.

Completed orders can be viewed at any time in the OrderEm app or in your account.

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